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Monday, June 09, 2008
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Going The Distance With Golf Instructions

by Edwin Shackleford

Like any sports, golf entails some fundamental instructions on rules, method, customs, and equipment. These golf instructions, aside from practices, are important in order to become an expert golfer.

Hence, in the United States, any golfer can gain the same knowledge that most professional golfers have obtained by enrolling in golf schools or training centers that are duly licensed by the U.S. Golf Teachers Federation or the Professional Golfers Association.

For those who would like to know more about golf instructions, here is a list of some facts that they can use in gaining more information about golf and golf instructions:

1. Golf Instructions started in the 'medieval era'.

As early as the 1350s, golf instructions had already dominated the society. Back then, golfers were already incorporating the basic concept of golf instructions by letting each group of golfers to strike the next unbroken shot.

2. Expensive state of golf instructions

Before the gutta percha ball was created, golf instructions were very costly then. It was even considered as a very expensive set of abilities wherein only a few people from Edinburgh could play the game.

3. 'Show-and-tell' type of golf instruction

It was in 1848 when the 'show-and-tell' type of golf instructions was first introduced. It was also during this year that the 'guttie' ball was invented.

Because of these, golf eventually became an affordable sport. It also became an easy export item wherein golf was gradually introduced to the rest of the world.

4. First golf instructional book

It was in 1857 that the first golf instructional book was published. The book, entitled 'A Keen Hand', written by H.B. Farnie was all about golf instructions on techniques and strategies in playing golf.

5. The important part of golf instructions

In golf instructions, the most essential things that a golfer must learn are alignment, proper posture, golf swing, and grip. These things are the primary concern of the golf instructions because these are vital to every golf players shot in the game.

6. Golf instructions and shots

Through golf instructions, every golfer wannabe is able to learn the different traditional shots like fairway shots, chipping, approaches, putting, sand-shots, and driving.

For higher level of golf instructions, players are taught with methods that are more intricate like controlling the loft, trouble shots, and controlling the shape of the shot.

Indeed, there are no better ways to learn golf than through golf instructions. Everythings already included and taught in golf instructions.

Edwin Shackleford has been helping individuals improve thier golf game for years. Try his Free Online Training Today!

Learn More About Weighted Golf training Clubs

Assuming that you have a driver with enough loft, here are four things that you can do to increase launch and decrease spin rate, thus increasing your distance off the tee:
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As a golfer today, you are besieged by advertising campaigns to buy the newest golf equipment. Longer distance golf balls, massive driver heads, and longer shafts all create mass confusion as to what is best for you. The shaft is the heart of the golf club and is one of the six important club specifications. Each golfer has his or her own swing characteristics. You may have a favorite club in your set, a club that you hit really well and it just FEELS GOOD! The chances are excellent that you are dealing with a club that is close to your frequency. During a custom club fitting session, you will swing several clubs with different shaft frequencies, lengths, lie angles, materials, grip sizes, and grip materials. Proper club fitting can give you the consistency and distance you've been looking for. Once these club specifications are matched to your swing, you will experience maximum performance. With the right equipment, your game will improve dramatically, your handicap will be driven down, and you will enjoy the game more.
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Sometimes you can find a brand new set of clubs for less than what that set is selling for used. How does this happen? Say someone buys a set and decides to sell it a year or two later. The set may be in great shape and can justifiably be priced high. But in the meantime, the manufacturer may have steeply discounted new sets due to high inventory, discontinued production or numerous other reasons.
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The Power of Momentum

Mon, 02 Apr 2007 00:00:00 GMT
Adam Scott Captures Shell Houston Open Trusting New Pro V1 Golf Ball, 907D2 Driver

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Today's Golf World

Our Featured Golf Article

You will find a lot of easy tips and techniques in this eBook to quickly transform your golf game and add 20 yards to your drive!

A Holistic Approach to Improve Your Golf Game

By: Robert Rogers

Like any other sport, physical fitness, practice and etiquette play an important role. This article will cover a more holistic view of playing golf and improving your game.

Golf Fitness:
- You'll never be a great golfer unless you keep you body and mind it shape. I know the truth hurts. But all the great players will devote a good portion of their schedule at the gym. Besides the obvious health benefits, you'll be able to enjoy the game long after you retire.

- Eat right. Stay away from high fat and sugar loaded foods. Don't have that doughnut and coffee in the morning. Have a glass of juice with some high fiber cereal. If you must have coffee, try to drink it black. The antioxidants and mild caffeine in coffee have been shown to be beneficial to your health. Avoid loading your coffee with creamers and sugar. Also avoid artificial sweeteners.

- Exercise regularly. Include a cardiovascular regimen to help you get around the course and it's great for your heart. Walking, jogging, biking, take your pick. Swimming is also a great way to improve your breathing and overall body fitness since it targets all your muscle groups. Add weight training to improve your power strokes.

- Exercise your mind. Crossword puzzles, reading golf magazines, and reading the newspaper with your black coffee are all excellent mental exercises. Mental fitness requires a daily regimen as well. Meditation, Tai Chi, spending time with family and friends all help reduce stress and will improve your game. Don't underestimate this important step.

- You need to develop a practice routine that is consistent and regular. Just playing the game is not enough. Try out new techniques, new clubs or improve on existing techniques. Your brain will develop new pathways and muscle memory that will carry over into your game. A rule of thumb is to practice twice as much as you play.

- Take classes or sign up for a lesson or two with a more advanced player. You'll always learn something new and will level up your golf skills. Do this at least once per year. It takes dedication to become a better player and to improve year after year.

- Golf is a gentlemen's game. Become familiar with the rules of conduct and practice them in your head and on the course. Being a great player doesn't always mean having the lowest score. Being able to enjoy golf with other players, whether on your team or just on the course, is just as important as the game itself.

Article Source:

Robert Rogers is a writer in the Washington DC area. For more free tips and resources, visit his blog at

Tips About Golf

Golf Equipment And Training Aids

Although they might look somewhat similar, the mechanics of hitting a bunker shot are different than those used to play a chip shot from grass. In the sand, it�s actually advantageous to allow the clubhead to pass your hands past impact. This move encourages a higher, softer shot by increasing the clubhead speed and amount of spin that can be created. Due to the unstable nature of sand, think of these shots as more �handsy� than most others in golf.
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Experiment With Golf Balls-Don�t just go out and buy the model that that your favorite Tour pro uses. There are tons of outstanding golf ball models available that cost less, last longer and go farther.
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While all golfers continue to look for that secret that will perfect their swing,. it is wishful thinking that they will find it because their is no secret to swinging the golf club. Even with the best of players no two swings are alike. What works for one player doesn't necessarily work for another. There are no two swings alike - similar, but not alike.
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More Golf News


Mon, 05 Mar 2007 00:00:00 GMT
Mark Wilson Captures Honda Classic in Four-Player All-Pro V1 Playoff; 20-Year Old Anton Haig Wins Johnnie Walker Classic Against World-Class Field


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Our Featured Golf Writer

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Golf Etiquette

By: Jeff Austin

The rulebook has a lot in it that you should know, but you dont have to memorize it, keep a copy in your golf bag and your will always be ready.

The way you should act on a golf course however, are things that you must know and observe.

Golf is special because of the many customs including good sportsmanship that go with the game.

Here are some of the most important ones you need to observe while on the green:

*Dont stand where a person putting can see you or your shadow

*No noise making, no opening and closing your Velcro glove or jingle the change in your pocket, and NEVER accidentally cough during someones shot.

*Dont applaud a miss even if it means you or your team now have an advantage, this is extremely rude.

*Always mark you ball, use a ball mark (given away in pro shops) a coin or rock are also acceptable, anything that doesnt move. Put it behind the ball on the extension of your target line.

Ask a player whose line is on your mark if he would like it moved and which way.

Put the heel of your putter next to the mark and place the mark just outside the toe. When the player is finished, move your mark back, if you forget it is a penalty.

*Watch where you walk on the green, know where the balls are and dont walk on their line or it extension on the far side of the hole.

*Walk well around the hole unless you are tapping a ball in or picking it up out of the cup.

*Dont drag your feet on the green, it damages the grass and causes spike marks that cant be repaired until you have finished putting.

*It is against the rules to give advice, except to your partner, so be careful what you say after you have holed out.

*Dont be a slowpoke, you dont have to rush but shouldnt take to long either.

For more game changing tips on beginning golf, curing a slice , golf clubs, and more, visit where you'll find articles and information on golf equipment and improving your golf game.

More Information On Hybrid Golf Clubs

Many players do not truly understand this term, and its meaning. Some think it is hitting down on the ball. Not So! Trying to get the ball airborne is the move that disturbs this clubhead path. The loft of the clubface is sufficient to lift the ball. Attempting to lift the ball tends to open the clubface which will slice the ball and lose distance as well.
...Learn About Golf

Forget about reading the green until you have mastered pace. Getting this right comes from developing a smooth putting rhythm.
...BBC golf

You've heard that a golf-specific workout will help you get more distance, so you're pumping iron, jogging religiously, stretching - but you still haven't gained any distance off the tee. What's the deal? An exercise program will indeed help you gain distance, but you also need to have good swing technique to take advantage of your strength and flexibility.
...The Golf Channel

Today's Golf News

Relax but Attack Golf Tips



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Today's Golf News

Featured Writer

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What To Look For When Choosing The Right Golf Bag


When you are gearing up for that first school experience, there is one thing that you do not want to be without: the perfect golf bags. Gear bags are not only essential in that they hold your clubs, shoes, and other accessories, they are also, like any other type of luggage, a reflection of your individual tastes, style, and personality. Some people carry very little in their bags, while others like to show up for their school lessons with an extra set of clubs, four bottles of water, two pairs of shoes, four towels, and a first aid kit. This is why taking the time to discover which type of carrying case is right for you is so important.

For those who prefer a walking game, there are several lightweight models and designs available that are strong and user friendly. These are designed to carry just the basics, and allow for the versatility of a walking game with the ability to carry clubs with greater ease. The style you choose can be anything from a basic, no frills color scheme, to a bright, bouncy hue, although you should keep in mind that while on the fairway, austere colors are really considered to be more par for the course, particularly for the professionals and those who aspire to become professionals.

For those who know that you prefer a cart, then you will want to find one that is specially designed for this purpose, i.e. to fit securely in the cart without tipping over. In this case, the weight of the bag does not matter as much, since you will not be carrying it around on your back, but it is usually a good idea to carry a small, lightweight carry style bag for just the bare essentials so that you will not have to drive your cart to every hole.

The lucky ones have caddies to carry their gear for them, but for most of us, while at school and otherwise, do not have this privilege. If you do, then the weight is not an issue unless you notice that your caddie is having trouble lifting it. Otherwise, remember that even if your bag is strapped to your cart, and especially if you choose a carry bag for your walking game, less is always more.

Last, but not least, price is always a factor. Though it goes without saying that the more money you spend, the more special features and customization options your bag will likely have, but remember, it is not a direct part of your game, its just an accessory to enhance your game presence and keep you from having to carry an armload of clubs across the course.

To learn more about the proper equipment for your golf school enrollment visit our site

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Give Your Spine The Forearm
Make sure you're on-plane at the top of the swing to guarantee solid ballstriking and increased accuracy. Notice in the photo at left how my right forearm is parallel to my spine, my left wrist is flat and my elbows and arms form a tight triangle. These are indications that I've rotated my shoulders into the backswing perfectly.
...Golf Tips magazine

Sometimes it's hard to stop your mind playing tricks during a round of golf. You think, "If I make this shot I've only got an easy putt to make a birdie". That's when things go wrong. You need to stay in the present. I do this by focusing on something like a red shirt in the crowd or a really beautiful tree. That might sound funny but it makes you think what is happening right now. Not what went before or what is going to happen.
...BBC golf

Golf Clubs - Fairway Woods

Course conditions can influence the specifications of a golfer's equipment. This isn't a secret. We often hear of Tour players choosing wedges with more or less bounce, from week to week, to meet changing conditions in bunkers, for example.
Carry your golf clubs with distinction with a new Callaway golf stand bag!

The simple way to learn the proper feel of your swing center is to place a golf ball on the ground and, with sun to your back, take your stance in a position whereby the shadow of your head covers the ball. As you swing, keep your eyes on the shadow. During the swing the shadow will move slightly, however if it moves off the ball you have lost the correct swing center. If the shadow remains on the ball you have kept the swing in the correct position. Repeat this excellent drill daily so as to reinforce good habits that will yield the reults you seek.

Golf Related News

Tour Players Discuss the New Titleist PT 906F2 Fairway Metal

Wed, 13 Sep 2006 00:00:00 GMT
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Tour players, including <a span style="font-family: Arial, Verdana, Helvetica; font-size: 11
px; font-weight:none; color:#A40101;"href="/players/playersequipment.asp?playerid=76">Steve Stricker</a>, <a span style="font-family: Arial, Verdana, Helvetica; font-size: 11
px; font-weight:none; color:#A40101;"href="/players/playersequipment.asp?playerid=58">Billy Mayfair</a>, <a span style="font-family: Arial, Verdana, Helvetica; font-size: 11
px; font-weight:none; color:#A40101;" href="/players/playersequipment.asp?playerid=415">Jason Bohn</a> and <a span style="font-family: Arial, Verdana, Helvetica; font-size: 11
px; font-weight:none; color:#A40101;"href="/players/playersequipment.asp?playerid=184">Robert Gamez</a> discuss the new <a span style="font-family: Arial, Verdana, Helvetica; font-size: 11
px; font-weight:none; color:#A40101;" href="/golfclubs/fairways/906F2.asp?bhcp=1">Titleist PT 906F2 fairway metal</a>, a Tour-inspired fairway metal that allows for crisp, solid contact from a variety of turf conditions.

The NEW 2-Ball Business Card Box

Thu, 24 May 2007 00:00:00 GMT
Set your brand apart with Titleist Custom Golf Balls and Custom Packaging.

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