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Thursday, May 29, 2008
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Ring of Kerry Golf & Country Club: Irelands Secret Treasure

Playing a round of golf can be a very relaxing activity and more and more people have been hooked on the game and have seen it as a form of therapy, an exercise and a means to discipline one's self. This is because the game requires an intense concentration and focus. Plus the game is played on a natural course laden with the beauty of nature.

One country that has truly elevated not only the game, but also the way a golf course should be. Ireland has been blessed with the many natural beauty of nature that has allowed it to be shaped and molded to golf courses that has indeed been a sight to see and a joy to play in.

With the hundreds of courses that are sprinkled all over Ireland, it's hard to choose which one to go to for a golf vacation in Ireland. But then again, there are usually some that stands out from the rest, just like the Ring of Kerry Golf & Country Club.

Proudly the last golf course the legendary Irish golf course designer Eddie Hackett designed, the Ring of Kerry Golf & Country Club built a links like course that needed about 250,000 tons of sand. Sadly though, Eddie Hackett never saw the end of the construction as he died before it could be finished. A new designer was hired to oversee the construction. The change designs that he did resulted to poor reviews when the course was opened in 1998. The owners had to reshape and redesign the course under the tutelage of a famous American designer, Ron Kirby.

By 2003, the Ring of Kerry Golf & Country Club was leased by Universal Golf Consulting Ltd. And took the reins in developing the course and making it more playable and constructing a new clubhouse. This led to the success of the club attracting more members and visitors. With the developments made, the Ring of Kerry Golf & Country Club is now recognized by the Irish PGA as one of 5 tournament fixtures in the calendar of the professional tournaments.

The course's concept was to provide a venue where in professional and seasoned golfers could enjoy a challenging round of golf but would be played by beginners and novices as well. The course should also be able to host championship tournament games as well. The Ring of Kerry Golf & Country Club has succeeded in doing so and this is founded by the scores of people who come every year and the number of tournaments held there.

Sandwiched by amazing views like the Kenmare Bay below it and the Caha Mountains and MacGillycuddy Reeks towering over it, the Ring of Kerry Golf & Country Club has a course that can calm the most troubled souls.

Aside from the course, the Ring of Kerry Golf & Country Club also has world class amenities and facilities like a newly redecorated all-inclusive clubhouse, a practice driving range, and a fully stocked pro house where you can find all your golfing needs and souvenir items.

Choosing and finding a golf vacation spot in Ireland could seem to be a very daunting task, but with a little research and taking the time to see what each has to offer, you can definitely picture yourself teeing off amidst Ireland's great natural beauty and the warm welcome of the Irish people.

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Use Your Body For Power
Every good golfer knows that power comes from the body, not the arms. To learn to power the club with your body instead of your arms and hands, put the club behind the ball at address, with your body in a dead-stop position. Without taking a backswing, try to drag the ball into the air. If you're a player who uses his or her hands to control the club, you'll probably struggle at first. However, you'll quickly find that once you start moving the club with your body, you'll begin to get the ball in the air more consistently. This helps you turn fully through the ball on the downswing.
...Golf Tips magazine

Most golfers set their driver on the ground at address. This results in a high percentage of driver shots being hit on the heel-side of the face, especially when we tee the ball higher. Test yourself this way: The next time you are at the range and set up to hit your driver, once in the address position stretch your arms out and move the club up to the ball's height. Notice where the ball is going to contact the face of your driver? On the heel side � or possibly the hosel � of your driver.
...PGA Tour

The grip most certainly will influence the clubhead, but any type of grip that will keep the wrists from opening or closing the blade is a good grip regardless of how the hands grip the club. Whatever grip is chosen the thumbs should be on top. The thumbs are the feelers and being on top one can feel if the blade is square. Any stroke that holes the ball consistently is a good putting stroke. Regardless of the style of the stroke the putter head should never be taken to the outside of the target line on the backswing.
...World Golf

Today's Golf News

Titleist Tour Report - Honda Classic

Thu, 09 Mar 2006 00:00:00 GMT
Watch this week's Titleist Tour Report direct from the Honda Classic featuring Davis Love III.

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Improving Your Balance And Your Golf Game

By: Simon Harris

Balance - it sounds so simple! As a golfer, you know that maintaining a proper balance is key to your game. And it's more than just having the correct stance.

Optimal balance depends on three aspects - your visual perception, the signals from the inner ear, and signals from your muscles and joints. Sometimes these aspects get out of sync, causing a balance disorder.

A lack of balance usually occurs when your head position changes - which is a good reason to keep your head still during your golf swing!

Migraines can attribute to a balance disorder. So if you have frequent migraines, seek medical attention. These headaches can affect your golf game in ways you may never have thought of.

Don�t spend a fortune on new golf equipment hoping for better play before you check your medicine cabinet to see if any drugs you�re taking affect your balance. The condition �ear poisoning� seriously affects your balance. Ear poisoning is usually caused by side effects of some medications - notably the antibiotic gentamicin. Up to 50 % of people who take this drug experience some sort of ear poisoning.

Diuretics can pose a problem as well. So if you're on any medicine and you start feeling dizzy, get medical help! Sometimes the dizziness can literally become a lifelong problem, so don�t delay in seeking help.

If your balance is a little off in your game, you may want to do some simple exercises to improve it. Just kicking a ball around your backyard can help. You can also set up a little obstacle course and weave in and out of it to improve your balance. Your kids will have fun with the course, too! In fact, they may even set up one for you!

You can also buy a balance board to help you with your center of gravity. We found a handmade, well-crafted balance board on eBay. These boards are challenging and fun to use!

In addition, working with flexibility exercises helps increase your balance by releasing muscle tension. Try some simple yoga stretches to help with loosening up tight muscles.

Another useful item is a yoga ball or exercise ball. Even just sitting on one of these balls requires balance - so try using one for part of the day. Work up gradually until you can sit on the ball for 30 minutes at a time. These ball exercises can help you develop proper posture, increase the mobility of your lower back, and develop overall control of your body core.

Since balance is fundamental to every aspect of your golf game, spend some time each day working on developing it. Who knows? You could find your swing and your score improving dramatically!

Ths article provided courtesy of

Hints About Golf Club

Fat Shots
Hitting the ground before the ball, or "fat shots" is a very common problem that can lead to injury. This is caused by either coming into the ball too steeply, and/or decelerating the club head as you hit the ball. Proper weight shift is important and keeping your right shoulder back on the downswing (opposite for left handers) is crucial. There is a tendency to throw the right shoulder ahead as you come down creating an outside in steep club path. Focus on swinging more around your body to remedy this. A good drill is to strap your upper arms to your body and hit balls. This makes it impossible to throw the shoulder forward. Don't forget to accelerate through the ball. When you slow down at the bottom of your swing, you will hit it fat every time.
...Tom's golf tips

Golf Wedges

Are price and quality directly related in putters? In many cases, very much so. You can spend $400 on a putter, just as you can on a driver. And you'll probably be getting a heck of a putter. But you can also spend $15 and get a heck of a putter - if that's the one the feels right, builds confidence, and helps you get the ball into the hole. Don't think that you must spend lavishly on a putter.
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Cheap Golf Equipment

Check Your Lofts And Lies
If you play a lot or practice off range mats, your irons and wedges need to be checked and adjusted every year.
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Get New Grips That Fit-New grips can soup up your clubs, and your game, overnight. But make sure you get ones that fit�grips that are too big encourage slicing.
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Titleist Tour Report - Wachovia Championship

Fri, 05 May 2006 00:00:00 GMT
Take a look at this week's Titleist Tour Report from the Wachovia Championship with interviews from the Haas Family: Jay, Billy and Jay Jr.

Heritage Winner Relies on Pro V1 Golf Ball, Cameron Putter for First Career Victory

Mon, 17 Apr 2006 00:00:00 GMT

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Tips To Improve Your Golfing

By: Jimmy Cox

A fine and experienced golfer is not necessarily a good teacher of the game. Why? Because many cracks do not know how they play themselves - when it comes to anything like a close analysis of their shots - and they have no idea at all of how a beginner must feel in order to make the shots that they make.

Let me illustrate that last point, because it is fundamental to teaching and to learning. All crack players feel that they swing from in-to-out when driving. I have been doing this so long that it no longer feels a "guided" or unnatural swing to me. Indeed if I feel myself making any other sort of swing I know it will result in a bad shot.

Yet with the beginner this in-to-out golf swing does feel unnatural and gives an impression that the ball will be pushed into the rough to the right. This feeling will of course be corrected by experience. This disparity in feeling about shots as between the crack and the beginner must never be lost sight of in teaching.

Every teacher has to keep continually in mind the fact that the natural thing for any golfer to do if he thinks first of hitting the ball to the hole rather than of making the shot correctly - is to swing the club head down the desired line of flight. The urge to do this is so strong that a merely academic knowledge of where the club head ought to be felt to go cannot stand against it. William James said that where there is a conflict between the Will and the Imagination, the Imagination always wins.

So no Will to make a correct swing - unless reinforced by our conscious control-can resist, when imagination of the ball flying straight for the hole supervenes. What usually happens is that before the back swing is completed, the player transfers his attention from the matter of making the correct swing to the matter of where he wants to hit the ball, i.e., somewhere at the top of his swing he switches from a correct in-to-out swing to one along the desired line of flight. Consequently he comes down outside the ball.

It is quite useless to tell a pupil he has done wrong when acting instinctively unless you tell him why he did wrong and so enable him to avoid the fault in future. That I always do.

The player who comes down outside is almost invariably thinking of where he wants to put the ball, and the only effective way of overcoming his trouble is by getting him to concentrate on the swing that experience tells him will place it there. If this is done his conscious control - his feeling for the right movements, plus a steady intention to follow will inhibit his natural desire to take disastrous short cuts.

A swing must be built up which can be accepted by the mind as well as the muscles as a satisfactory means to the end desired, and then concentrating on the production of that swing. With a properly felt swing, the swing becomes the aim and the matter of where the ball will fly is left (as it should be) to take care of itself.

And finally, the good golfer feels his swing as all one piece. It is produced by a psycho-physical unison and its control is outside the mind of the player. Any control that is within the mind is subject to the state of the mind and is therefore unreliable.

A single sound line of controls is set up if the student has consistently practiced the same fundamental swing for every shot. Working on these lines and refusing to be side-tracked by extraneous ideas such as "hitting a long ball" or "driving straight down the middle," you can begin to feel a complete assurance that you can at least rely upon producing your best shots every time. They will become a habit with you.

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Hints On Clone Golf Club

To develop a simple, comfortable and effective grip. Your grip is the foundation of your golf swing. Make sure your grip is comfortable. It is important to develop a neutral grip that requires no compensations during the swing. The orthodox position with the V.s of both hands (formed by the forefinger and the thumb) pointing between the chin and right shoulder is a good place to start. Very few good players have grips with the V.s pointing very far from this position. If you want a little stronger grip move the left hand over to the right a little.
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The putting stroke that is best depends upon the individual. So try them all deciding which is best for you. Shoulders controlling: With the wrists in a locked position and with the shoulders and arms working in unison control, the club throughout the stroke.
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Adam Scott Delivers Signature Performance in TOUR Championship Victory.

Mon, 06 Nov 2006 00:00:00 GMT

Just the Fax Scotty Cameron Sweepstakes

Tue, 20 Sep 2005 00:00:00 GMT
Sign-up for the new "Just the Fax" Sweepstakes at

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