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Thursday, July 31, 2008
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Check out Jean Littler's golf book for yourself and learn how to swing a golf club the right way!

By Lee MacRae

How To Swing A Golf Club Like A Pro

With swinging a golf club so vital to playing a great game of golf, just about everyone eventually looks for information or lessons on how to swing a golf club. For many it becomes a quest like the Holy Grail, finding the perfect golf swing.

Of course, even that last sentence makes it all sound very easy. And for some people it is. Some people have a natural affinity to swinging a golf club. For others, it almost becomes an annual quest for the next 30 years as they strive to improve their golf swing and their golf game. Recognize yourself in either case?

Eventually, every golfer begins to understand that there are various components to the golf swing. We have the backswing, the downswing, the shot impact and finally the follow-through. Some people can piece these together very smoothly, while others struggle with each and every bit, struggling to fit them all together. And then there is the added problem of the pre-shot routine. How often have you stood around while your golf partners become human rain delays? They have so many varied ways of approaching a shot that you're sure they're trying to invoke a black magic spell on the ball! Take a look at the PGA golf professionals. Take a look at their pre-shot routines. Brief. And consistent. Once they step up to take the shot, there is very little dalliance before the ball is headed down the fairway. That is the example to follow.

One of the best things we have today to help someone learn how to swing a golf club properly is the video. We can now watch each and every golfer from our Tiger Woods of today to Jack Nicholas and Bobby Jones of yesterday to see exactly how a golf swing should be performed. We are fortunate to be in such an era where the Internet can deliver video on demand for just about every pro golfer on the PGA Tour. We can see exactly how a golf club should be swung for optimum performance.

But keep in mind that these videos still needs to be used in conjunction with golf lessons. A few good golf lessons with a local pro and then a watching how the PGA professionals put it into effect, can do wonders to advance your game. But what about if you can't afford golf lessons? Well, there are a number of good books on the market that you can read and then watch how the pros apply it. One of the best e-books I've ever seen is one put out by Golf Hall of Fame legend Gene Littler. Littler had a fluid swing I could only dream about. If you don't believe me, you can find videos of this golf legend and see his amazing fluid golf swing for yourself. many have called his swing the best, or at the very least the second-best, golf swing of all-time.

If you do want to improve your game and learn how to swing a golf club properly, you would do well to use the available golf videos and other available help like golf lessons or golfing eBooks. Improving your abilties in the golf swing will do a lot to not only improve your game, but you will enjoy it a whole lot more. So, you can continue to drive your shots every which way and suffer or spend your money wisely and really learn how to swing a golf club properly. The decision is up to you.

About the author

Don't hesitate to buy your copy of Gene Littler's eBook How To Master The Golf Swing and learn how to swing a golf club the right way! In this book Gene reveals the golf swing secrets that led to his PGA tour success.

More Info On Indoor Putting Greens

To develop the best possible grip for you. Every golfer swings and grips the club differently. Over 90 percent of golfers use the Vardon or overlapping grip. Players with smaller hands sometimes find the interlocking grip, with the little finger of the right hand interlocked with the index finger of the left hand, works best for them. Players with smaller should use a baseball type grip.
...PGA of America


Sometimes you can find a brand new set of clubs for less than what that set is selling for used. How does this happen? Say someone buys a set and decides to sell it a year or two later. The set may be in great shape and can justifiably be priced high. But in the meantime, the manufacturer may have steeply discounted new sets due to high inventory, discontinued production or numerous other reasons.
Practice your golf game anywhere with a great golf mat.

Golf Travel Bags

Neutral = Straight. There are two key alignments to strive for at the top of the swing that will make hitting fairways much easier. The most important of the two is the clubface position, which should be square (the leading edge basically is parallel to the left arm). Learning this position will remove the need to compensate on the downswing with the hands. Positioning the club parallel to the target line is also extremely important.
Don't forget to pick up some golf tees before you head to the links.

Don't grip the club too tightly. A tight grip inhibits a smooth swing and follow-though. Also, keep the grips on your clubs in good condition. Worn grips force you to hold the club too tightly. Replace the grips on your clubs as they get worn and smooth. When first learning the grip, keep a club around the house and practice gripping and regripping the club a few minutes each day. Remember to keep fingers secure and arms relaxed.
Start our right with a great beginners^s golf training aid now!

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Mon, 21 Apr 2008 00:00:00 GMT
Weekley and Watson Defend Titles with Titleist.

hybrid golf clubs


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Our Latest Golf Article

You will find a lot of easy tips and techniques in this eBook to quickly transform your golf game and add 20 yards to your drive!

Take A Vacation At The Best Golf Resorts Of The World

by Barney Garcia

More and more people are now turning to Golf because it allows them not only to enjoy the game, but also to relax in the pleasant environments that some of the golf resorts offer. Some of the golf resorts are indeed very attractive and provide a unique experience to the visitors. If you are thinking of taking a golf vacation, you can choose from some of the best golf resorts listed below.

The Sedona Golf Resort

The Sedona Golf Resort, situated in the Sedona Mountain Range is a magnificent 71 course golf resort that has been consistently rated with four stars. It is one of the most spectacular golf courses in the world and provides the golfers and tourists with unforgettable golf vacations.

Biltmore Spa and Resort

This golf resort is an excellent place for golf vacations and has been a host to most U.S. Presidents. It is not easy to get reservations at this resort during late October to May, but in summer it is not difficult to get reservations due to the extreme heat at that time.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas offers much more than merely excellent golf resorts. The Golf vacation packages offered by some entrepreneurs include access to the best golf courses, lodging facilities at comfortable hotels, tickets to shows, and unlimited enjoyment at the various casinos. Most of these packages also include round trip airfare making them literally all-inclusive.

Cancun Golf Resort

The Moon Palace is the most impressive golf resort in Cancun, which is famous for its golf resorts. A vacation at the Moon Palace is indeed once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Hawaiian Golf Resorts

Perhaps the most beautiful Golf resorts are situated in Hawaii. Besides enjoying the game of Golf, you can enjoy the beauty of Hawaii with the help of rainforest courses that are offered.

It is very important to make the right choice if you want to see some of the most spectacular golf resorts in the world. Moreover, you must also choose the golf resort where you can take your family and can also get away from the mundane routine of everyday life.

Barney Garcia writes about various golfing, golf vacations and golf resort topics. For more info visit: golfing resorts and golf vacations.

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Low-Cost Alternatives
If golf sounds like a great idea, the sticking point to getting started can all too often be cost. After all, you need clubs, balls, tees, and in the case of many clubs a strict dress code must be adhered to that makes entry into the sport appear prohibitive. However, it is essential that such enthusiasm should be nurtured by means of the opportunities afforded by low-cost alternatives. So why not start out by identifying the location of the local driving range, or a municipal course run by the council that will be relatively cheap in terms both of green fees and the hire of clubs.
...mastering golf UK

Add More Wedges
It's easier to fill distance gaps with new wedges than with tons of practice.
...Golf Tips magazine

top 50 tips13. Get Behind
There's no leverage in the golf swing if you're ahead of the ball. Good players move away from the target slightly in the backswing and don't pass the ball until after impact.
...Golf Tips magazine

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Wie defends Women's Open absence

Wed, 30 Jul 2008 21:05:30 GMT
Michelle Wie hits back at criticism of her decision to enter a men's PGA Tour event after not trying to qualify for the Women's British Open this week.

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