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Saturday, May 17, 2008
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Clone Golf Club

By Chad Hoffmann

With name brand golf clubs costing a good part of your paycheck, clone golf clubs have gained favor with many weekend golfers that are looking for an edge. With new technology advancements, the clone golf club has been able to compete with the likes of Callaway, Nike, Taylor Made, and other top brand clubs. The clone golf club is the most popular way that golfers are improving their game.

What is a clone golf club? Take the Nike clone golf club. Many golf club manufacturers that are in the business of making clones will take a brand name club like Nike and reverse engineer the club. This means that the clone golf club is taken apart and analyzed by engineers to find the materials and any special geometry that are being used. Once a base line is established for the clone golf club, the clone golf club manufacturer will very carefully, judiciously avoiding claims made by competing patents, make a "knockoff" or "clone" golf club that is based on the same or similar technology as our Nike. The benefit to the golfer is lower cost for the clone golf club without sacrificing performance.

The looks of clone golf clubs are also improving. Take the Acer XP 905 set of clone golf club irons. They look as good as any brand name Callaway or Nike. A golfer will not feel like a second-rate player with a set of clone golf clubs in his or her bag. The best way to try these clone golf clubs is to demo a clone club at your local golf retailer.

Chad Hoffmann is co-founder of; a sight devoted to all things golf. More about this article is found at []

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You've heard that a golf-specific workout will help you get more distance, so you're pumping iron, jogging religiously, stretching - but you still haven't gained any distance off the tee. What's the deal? An exercise program will indeed help you gain distance, but you also need to have good swing technique to take advantage of your strength and flexibility. news

To develop a simple, comfortable and effective grip. Your grip is the foundation of your golf swing. Make sure your grip is comfortable. It is important to develop a neutral grip that requires no compensations during the swing. The orthodox position with the V.s of both hands (formed by the forefinger and the thumb) pointing between the chin and right shoulder is a good place to start. Very few good players have grips with the V.s pointing very far from this position. If you want a little stronger grip move the left hand over to the right a little.
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If the shoulders are in a closed position (facing to the right of the target) the clubhead travel will be inside-to-outside of the target line. With the shoulders parallel to the target line at impact, the clubhead travel will be inside-to-direct. This shoulder motion allows the clubhead to travel to the target, not away from the target as in the other positions.Remember the shoulders must remain passive, and are a follower in your swing, not a leader.
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To check your clubhead angle practice the hit and hold drill. This will give you immediate feedback in determining whether the clubface is preceding the hands at impact. Hit a few balls and hold, not allowing your hands to go past waist high on the follow-through. If the left wrist or hand is bent forward this indicates the clubhead was ascending rather than descending at impact. Final note: You cannot cheat this drill, as it will clearly show you where you are at in regards to your angle of approach on your golf swings.
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Super Ball Sunday

Mon, 05 Feb 2007 00:00:00 GMT
Baddeley Rallies to Win FBR Open Playing New Pro V1x Golf Ball

Winning on All Counts

Mon, 22 May 2006 00:00:00 GMT
Herron Captures Colonial in all-Titleist Pro V1x Playoff.

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Dromoland Castle Golf & Country Club: What Playing Golf Should Be

Playing golf is one of the most fun experiences you will ever have. Golf is even considered as one of the best games in the world. It is a game where you and your friends and family can have fun and meet new friends.

However, playing a good golf game requires you to be in a good golf course with great amenities and services that would be fit for a king. When playing golf, you will be playing with elegance and dignity.

So, in order to play a great golf game, you should be in laying in one of the best golf courses in the world. One such exotic location is the Dromoland Castle Golf and Country Club. This particular Golf location is deemed as the number 2 in the best new European golf courses in 2004.

First of all, the Dromoland Castle is located in Ireland. Ireland is a known location where beautiful natural landscape is present and is obviously one of the perfect locations for golf courses. That�s why many tourists flock in all around the year for their golf vacations. In the past two years, Dromoland Castle Golf and Country Club went through a transformation thanks to an investment of 5 million euros by the owners. The project was also undertaken by the late Irish golfing legend J.B. Carr and one of the best golf architects in the world, Ron Kirby.

Dromoland in the past was considered as one of the best country estates in Europe. Now, with a golf course, it gets even better. Here are a few details that you can consider if you want to take a closer look at Dromoland Castle Golf and Country Club:

Forthe gentlemen, the course distance is 6,824 yards with 72 pars, 72 SSS, and 126 slopes. For the ladies, the course distance is 5,242 yards with 72 pars, 72 SSS, and 124 slopes. As you can see, the Dromoland Castle Golf and Country Club has a great golf course that you can ever play in.

The scenery itself is also one of the key features on why Dromoland Castle Golf and Country Club is one of the best golf courses in the world. With lush rolling tree lines landscape with the castle as a backdrop, it provides a very relaxing scenery that is worth playing in. One look at this golf and country club will definitely make you want to play golf over and over again.

If you finished a session of playing golf with your friends, you and your friends can relax at The Fig Tree Restaurant. This restaurant is in the Club House of the Dromoland Castle Golf and Country Club. The atmosphere here is relaxed and has a smart-casual dress code. The Fig Tree Restaurant serves choice and quality menus that you and your friends can surely enjoy.

Dromoland Castle Golf and Country Club also offers a place where you can learn how to play golf or improve your golfing skills. The Dromoland Castle Golf Academy is integrated with modern golf practice facilities. It houses 9 driving range bays with fully enclosed teaching bay. They also provide one of the best golf instructors in the world. David Foley, Dromoland Castle�s resident resort PGA Professional will be available to teach from complete beginners to seasoned golfers on how to play the game and how to improve the way they play.

Dromoland also has other activities that you can enjoy. They have first-class accommodations, spas, tennis courts, fishing, shooting, and boating. Whenever you want to try other activities, Dromoland Castle can offer you a wide range of activities that you can surely enjoy.

So, if you ever want to vacation in a golf course that offers one of the best courses in all of Europe, you should consider Dromoland Caslt Golf and Country Club. This is a place where golfing will truly be an enjoyable experience.

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Hints On Golf Clubs Clone

Golf Clubs - Fairway Woods

Before spending hundred of dollars on a set, try out a friend's set to see how it feels for you. Or ask a shop if they have a trial period for a set you're interested in buying. If you can't rent the clubs out for a period of time, go to a store that has a driving net to get a feel for the clubs. You don't need to buy a full set of clubs when you are just starting out. You can get buy with a 5-wood, 7 iron, pitching wedge, sand wedge, and putter. These five clubs are enough to get you through 9 holes of golf.
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Golf Carts

When buying used golf clubs face wear is what you're looking for. Clubs that have been used for a long time might have a shiny worn spot right in the center. You don't want these because the clubface won't hold the ball as well. Make sure the grooves still have well defined edges. Stay away from clubs that show indentations in the clubface. These can affect the ball flight.
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Keeping the clubface angle square to the target after impact breaks down the left wrist, restricting the left arm rotation. These faults set up a chain reaction creating other faults. The lack of arm rotation affects both clubface direction and angle,resulting in both loss of accuracy and distance. Finally, your swing is going at such a high speed that it's a physical impossibilty for you to even attempt to make any adjustments so commit yourself to doing the right things properly in your setup and takeaway because after that things are out of your control.
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The Hacker: Change to the three-quarters rule but that's not the full story

Sun, 11 May 2008 00:00:01 +0100
<p>For years, hackers have been systematically robbed when they've played in matchplay competitions against players with lower handicaps.</p>

Titleist Ambassador Steve Stricker Rallies to Win at The Barclays

Mon, 27 Aug 2007 00:00:00 GMT
Moves to Top of FedEx Cup Standings with Come-from-Behind Win

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