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Friday, August 08, 2008
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Check out Jean Littler's golf book for yourself and learn how to swing a golf club the right way!

By Lee MacRae

How To Swing A Golf Club Like A Pro

Have you been having problems with your golf swing? Are you a beginner just starting out? Or are you a long time player who just can't seem to get it right? No matter who you are, learning how to swing a golf club properly is imperative to playing the game well enough to really enjoy it.

For some, learning how to swing a golf club properly is an easy task. But for the vast majority, the golf swing becomes an elusive entity. They have it one day and then it's gone the next. They make a great shot on one hole, and the sky's the limit. The next hole brings a bad shot, and they want to twist the club into a pretzel! Ever happened to you?

It's important to remember that the basic golf swing can be broken down into individual sections. You have the backswing, you have the downswing, there is the impact moment and there is the follow through of the shot. Some people can put together all of these various components very easily. Others have to study each and every section and work hard to put it all together into one fluid motion. Then there is a factor of the pre-shot routine. Some people have a tendency to dally over the ball, take a few swings, back away, get set up again and then go through the whole routine a different way on each and every shot. And then they wonder why they have no consistency. accomplished golfers and PGA professionals in specific, have very set pre-shot routines that they do exactly the same way on every shot. And their pre-shot routine's are usually very quick and not at all a long drawn out affair that you see Sunday golfers engage in.

And whether you are just taking up golf, or been playing for some time, you should be aware that you have a tremendous tool to improve your golf swing in your golf game. I'm talking about the videos we can all watch today of golf professionals and how they play. And amazingly we also have on demand videos on the Internet that are absolutely free of great golfers like Tiger Woods, Vijay Singh or John Daly or past greats like Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Sam Snead, Walter Hagan or Gene Sarazen. Imagine being able to sit and watch how golfers, credited with having great golf swings, perform the task. Talk about a golden opportunity to learn.

Of course, videos are often not enough and golf lesson can be a tremendous benefit. Taking lessons from a golf professional and then watching how everything is implemented by the touring professionals can take your game a long way. Of course, not everyone can afford golf lessons, or at least not more than one or two. in that case, you can add something like an e-book that you can use to study and apply with your lessons and your videos. A book that has been highly recommended is one by golf Hall of Fame legend Gene Littler. He was nicknamed "Gene the Machine" due to his smooth rhythmical swing. Littler believed that, "Golf is not a game of great shots. It's a game of the most misses. The people who win make the smallest mistakes." A great philosophy and obviously the kind of teacher to help improve a golf swing and golf game.

Whatever you decide, use the advantages of video technology along with golf lessons or golf books to learn how to swing a golf club properly. Not spending time to get the fundamental down properly will impede your progress and make the game less enjoyable. Spend a few dollars targeted to the right knowledge and watch your golf scores drop instead!

About the author

Don't hesitate to buy your copy of Gene Littler's How To Master The Golf Swing.! In this book Gene reveals the golf swing secrets that led to his PGA tour success.

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Golf is played in many different types of weather. The type of weather affects how far the ball travels and its amount of spin. Knowing how the weather conditions affect your ball, therefore, is necessary to making correct club selections.
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The putting stroke that is best depends upon the individual. So try them all deciding which is best for you. Shoulders controlling: With the wrists in a locked position and with the shoulders and arms working in unison control, the club throughout the stroke.
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Breakthrough Performance

Mon, 13 Feb 2006 00:00:00 GMT
Arron Oberholser Captures First PGA TOUR Crown Trusting Titleist from Tee-to-Green

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The Latest Golf Article

Destroy your golf slice in a matter of minutes using this revolutionary new system!

Golf Equipment

by Phyllis Wasserman

Like any other sports, golf requires that you are geared up correctly to be able to properly play the game. This article will give you an idea of basic golf equipment one requires to be able to learn and play golf.

For starters, the basic golf equipment is a golf ball. Golf balls are dimpled tiny balls, use in to play golf. They are dimpled to reach farther length when driven by golf clubs.

Another important golf equipment is a golf club or golf driver. Golf drivers come in different varieties. This is because a golf course has different landscapes and different golf clubs are required to make the proper drive. Depending on the landscape, either sand, grass or cement, a golf club is essential to make the perfect drive. Professional golfers usually have a bag or two of golf clubs to cater to their golf needs. Most golf stores and sports equipment store sell golf clubs. Some golf clubs are sold in sets while other are sold individually.

To protect your golf equipment, such as your golf club, a golf bag is essential. A golf bag will, of course, hold your golf club in one place and will make it easier for your caddy to bring your many golf clubs. Golf bags can also hold golf balls and other golf equipment like water bottle to quench your thirst while under the sun or extra shirt or your regular shoes. On the other hand, a golf club cover covers the edge of your golf club. This is done so to protect your golf club from unwanted scratches and dents. Dents can cause your drive to go from ok to bad. Dents in golf clubs can affect the drive of your golf ball. With these golf equipment, you can take care of the state of your club and your game.

One golf equipment that you need to invest in is a good pair of golf shoes. Golf shoes are different from usual rubber shoes or walking shoes. Golf shoes are created to walk on greens - the type where the sport is played. Golf shoes usually have pointed rubber under the soles to grip the earth and sand under your feet. This way, unnecessary shaking or moving is avoided. This is important because shaking can cause you to not hit the golf ball or to hit the golf ball in the wrong direction. If you plan to play professional golf a good pair of golf shoes are necessary. Choose ones that are sturdy, yet comfortable enough for you to walk long distances. Golf is a sport that requires walking from one hole to another or to where your ball landed (you can not use golf carts on the greens) and if your golf shoes are uncomfortable, you would have a hard time concentrating on your game.

A golf equipment usually provided by most golf courses (aside from the golf ball) is the tee. The tee is the tiny pin like thing that you punch to the ground to stand your ball into. The tee is use in teeing off (the start of your first drive) thus the name.

The most amazing golf equipment ever created (for me, that is) is the golf cart. Golf carts can take you from one hole to the other, though as I said earlier they are not allowed on the greens, they still lessen the burden of having to walk under the hot sun. This golf equipment can be acquired from golf courses. Golf players are usually made to use golf equipment such as this to give them a better and easier time playing the sport.

Many specialty shops and sport shops offer golf equipment. The internet is also a good source of golf equipment. Second hand golf equipment are even auctioned off the internet, if you are on a tight budget. Check out your local golf shop, sports shop, specialty shops, E-bay or Yahoo! for your golf equipment needs.


Hints About Golf Putting Aid

To a beginning golfer hitting a golf ball seems easy until they try it. Golf can be a sometimes frustrating, and time-consuming game to learn. My recommendation is that players practice patience by not hurrying to the golf course to learn how to play. Do your learning on the practice range where your mind will not be on scoring, but on learning.
...PGA professional golf

Keeping the clubface angle square to the target after impact breaks down the left wrist, restricting the left arm rotation. These faults set up a chain reaction creating other faults. The lack of arm rotation affects both clubface direction and angle,resulting in both loss of accuracy and distance. Finally, your swing is going at such a high speed that it's a physical impossibilty for you to even attempt to make any adjustments so commit yourself to doing the right things properly in your setup and takeaway because after that things are out of your control.
...LPGA tips

To achieve the goal of hitting the ball at the bottom of the swing arc. Your drives should be hit slightly on the upswing, iron shots are struck slightly on the downswing. Fairway woods are hit at the bottom of the swing arc.
...Golf Help

Cheap Golf Equipment

Narrow Your Focus. Consistently making short putts is as much a mental challenge as it is a physical one. To help maintain concentration, find a blade of grass directly in front of the middle of the hole as you prepare to strike the putt. Don�t look at the hole itself or the back of it, but simply try to roll the ball over the spot on the front of the hole. Using the front of the hole makes the target closer and makes your focus that much more specific.
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Headline News About Golf

Just the Fax Scotty Cameron Sweepstakes

Tue, 20 Sep 2005 00:00:00 GMT
Sign-up for the new "Just the Fax" Sweepstakes at

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Our Latest Golf Article

Beginner Golf Swing Instruction Tips

By Tim Gorman

If you are a beginner at the fine sport of golf you may need some beginner golf swing instruction. Where can you find beginner golf swing instruction? What are some beginner golf swing instruction tips? You have come to the right place for beginner golf swing instruction tips and information.

Start by contacting your local golf course or country club and inquire about beginner golf swing instruction. You can also talk to the people at a community college close to you and see if they are offering any classes on beginner golf swing instruction.

Check the newspaper and find out if there are any individuals who might be interested in teaching beginner golf swing instruction.

You may also be able to find lots of help with beginner golf swing instruction online. There are free golf web sites as well as videos and books on beginner golf swing instruction that you can purchase.

As a new learner you should consider a few things before you start beginner golf swing instruction. The mental part of the game is very important. Before you start beginner golf swing instruction remember that self confidence plays a key role in your success.

Learn how to talk to yourself in a positive way before, during and after you take that first swing. Beginner golf swing instruction may be a negative experience if you worry about what others are saying about you.

Keep your mind on the swing and focused at all times. This is another key in successful beginner golf swing instruction.

Find a good instructor or other way to learn and get yourself ready mentally and you will have good results in the area of beginner golf swing instruction.

About The Author

Timothy Gorman is a successful Webmaster and publisher of He provides more golfing tips, putting tips and golf swing instruction tips that you can research in your pajamas on his website.
Article Source:

Hints On Weighted Golf training Club


The Tilt. Creating the proper tilt in the shoulders requires two elements: The hips must move closer to the target at the start of the downswing while the head stays slightly back. This drives the left shoulder up and the right side down.
Buy yourself a new set of golf clubs before you hit the links again!

What's important to note with head movement, just as in the weight shift, is that it's not something you should think of. It is simply just a reaction to what you do with the golf club. When a golfer starts thinking of shifting their head a little bit here, and a little bit there, there is big time trouble awaiting.
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To start with a proven ball position. Moving a golf ball even two inches forward or back in your stance can make a great deal of difference in shot consistency. Start with the ball a couple of inches inside the left heel. After you master this consistent ball position, you can experiment with other ball positions. However, a ball too far to the front of your stance will increase the chances of a slice by encouraging an outside-to-inside swing. A ball too far back in the stance will make it difficult to get the clubface closed by impact and may cause a push or a push slice.
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Standing on the tee or fairway, a player very often will not be able to see the green. Perhaps the fairway bends, or doglegs, to the left with the approach to the green and flag obscured by a line of trees. An inexperienced player would be well advised in this situation to take the safe option and aim to position the ball to just beyond the line of trees, leaving it in a position where the flag is visible. From there, it would be a straightforward approach shot.
...mastering golf UK

Today's Golf News

From Tee to Green and Tour to Tour

Mon, 23 Apr 2007 00:00:00 GMT
Titleist Ambassador Nick Watney Joins 2007 PGA TOUR Winners' Circle
Jay Haas Captures Champions Tour Title in Playoff

Titleist Introduces Four New Putter Families to Scotty Cameron Franchise.

Thu, 21 Apr 2005 00:00:00 GMT

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The Latest Golf Article

Check out Jean Littler's golf book for yourself and learn how to swing a golf club the right way!

By Lee MacRae

Learn How To Swing A Golf Club The Right Way

Just about everyone who takes up golf begins to look for information on how to swing a golf club at some time or another. And it's perfectly understandable, since swinging a golf club is so vital to scoring well in the game of golf. Each and every person tries to find the perfect golf swing for him or her.

For some, learning how to swing a golf club properly is an easy task. But for the vast majority, the golf swing becomes an elusive entity. They have it one day and then it's gone the next. They make a great shot on one hole, and the sky's the limit. The next hole brings a bad shot, and they want to twist the club into a pretzel! Ever happened to you?

No matter how you swing a golf club, the golf swing can be broken down into individual components. You have the backswing, the downswing, the impact of the club with the ball and the follow-through after the impact. Each and every one of these has to be done in a specific way for the shot to be successful. Many people struggle with fitting them all together smoothly. And then many people forget about the pre-shot routine, another aspect of the golf swing that is highly neglected. Take a look at all of your professional PGA golfers and you will see that they have a consistent and usually very brief pre-shot routine. Then visit your local golf course and watch the long drawn out affairs so many people engage in before they hit a golf ball. And if you watch long enough you'll actually see that most people never do the same thing twice. Unlike the golf professional, the duffer has a varied pre-shot routine both in time and method. Neglecting any aspect of your golf swing is a sure fire way to higher scores.

One of the best things we have today to help someone learn how to swing a golf club properly is the video. We can now watch each and every golfer from our Tiger Woods of today to Jack Nicholas and Bobby Jones of yesterday to see exactly how a golf swing should be performed. We are fortunate to be in such an era where the Internet can deliver video on demand for just about every pro golfer on the PGA Tour. We can see exactly how a golf club should be swung for optimum performance.

And if you add in a few golf lessons and use the videos to piece it all together, you can improve your golf swing and your golf game amazingly fast. And if you can't afford a few golf lessons, you can always use the valuable golf books that are available to give you the gist of the golf swing and then use the videos to help you put it all together. Each and every golf pro can become like your personal tutor. One of the best golf e-books I've ever seen is one put out by Gene Littler. Littler won 29 PGA Tour events and had an incredibly beautiful swing. His swing is another one you can see on videos on the Internet- it has been termed one of the best ever by his contemporaries. Today Gene is helping people learn his golf swing by electronically publishing "Master The Golf Swing".

Combining free videos from the internet with a few wisely spent dollars on the proper golf knowledge will do wonders for your golf swing and your game. Ignoring the wise path to success will only see you continue to drive the ball left and right instead of straight down the fairway. The decision is all up to you.

About the author

Don't hesitate to buy your copy of Gene Littler's How To Master The Golf Swing.! In this book Gene reveals the golf swing secrets that led to his PGA tour success.

Hints About Golf Equipment

Cobra Golf Irons

When using a wood, an easy, unforced, sweeping motion is used. You are trying to hit behind the middle of the golf ball and the club sweeps over the top of the grass as you come through the ball. Irons need a more upright/ downward swing. You are trying to hit down toward the middle-bottom of the golf ball and the club will continue slightly into the ground as you follow through. NOTE: You must hit the ball first, then let the club follow through as it should. If you are hitting the ground first, adjust your position to the ball at address.
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Gas Golf Cars For Sale

When buying used golf clubs you can't really tell how well the clubs will perform unless you take them out for a few swings. Even at a garage sale, you should be allowed to at least make a few swings in the front yard (take some wiffle balls with you if you are garage sale shopping). Any retail shop should allow you to demo the clubs using real balls. If they won't, ask yourself why that might be.
Practice your golf putting with a great putting green.

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Open Diary: Your essential guide to the Open 2008

Fri, 18 Jul 2008 00:00:01 +0100


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