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Tuesday, May 13, 2008
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Cure that golf hook

By: Mister Putt

By far and away the most common fault of the weekend golfer is the dreaded slice. We have all seen it, a hundred yards down the fairway and suddenly the ball turns right and disappears into the undergrowth.There are a thousand books and articles on it, why it happens and how you can cure it.

But what if you have the opposite problem, a hundred yards straight down the fairway and oh..oh exit stage left.This is the classic hook.How do you cure that? I hear you cry.Never fear Mister Putt is here.Like most faults the quickest wayto cure it is to go back to basics.Let me clear up one myth straight away,listen up..Practice Makes Perfect , no, no, no practice makes permanent (Thank you Dave Pelz )If your practice is faulty your golf will be faulty.

The Basics

Grip;Hold the club in your left hand down by your side, arm hanging down relaxed.Lift the club head up so the shaft is parallel to the ground and then lower it to the floor again, do this three times, feeling where the tension is in your arm.
Concentrate on leaving this tension behind.Now bring the club in front of you and at the same time bring your right hand to the club.Now the hard bit , as you close your right hand around the club try not to manipulate it in any way, by which I mean the club should not turn left or right at all.Now you should have a neutral grip, neither hand being dominant.Hookers have a tendency to turn their right hand over the top .The "V"sbetween your thumbs and index fingers should be pointing up to your right ear.You can check this in a mirror.Now with your neutral grip and relaxed arms just swing the club head backwards and forwards in a small arc.This will ease tension.Golf is a moving game and tension is the enemy of motion.Keep swinging in increasingly larger arcs always being aware of any creeping stiffness( tension) in the arms.Do this every day for ten minutes or so.Remember the object is to swing rhythmically are not attempting a 300 yard drive!

Address;You should stand with your feet just under the width of your shoulders ,a slightly narrower stance helps with balance,and helps you swing more rhythmically. Your toes should be level and in line with your shoulders ,again check in a mirror at home and get used to the feeling.You line up to the target line or fractionally left of it.Ball position is level with your left heel.Further back will encourage a hooking shot.This brings us to the last point, weight transfer.

Weight Transfer;Weight transfer refers naturally enough to the transfer or shift of your weight from the right side to the left.(opposite sides for lefties).The backswing requires you to pull your weight onto the back foot and indeed you should feel this in your right thigh and as you swing through the ball that weight must move onto the left leg, if it stays back on the rear leg you will turn the club over and rotate to the left causing the ball to hook.A practice drill I use is to
address an imaginary ball while my left calf is against a low pillar in my garden, as I swing I concentrate on pushing my leg into that pillar.This also forces me to swing in time and finish in a balanced position.Try it.

I hope these tips can help you cure that hook and give you something to do in the bedroom on a rainy day.

Happy thoughts

Mr Putt is a weekend hacker and gives regular private tuition

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The clubhead should be descending at impact with the exception of the Driver and the Putter. What is meant by descending angle of approach?
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Bottom Out-Notice how the logo on my shirt has moved closer to the target at impact than it was at address. The bottom of the swing will occur under the logo, making it a must to get it past the ball if you want to make ball-first contact.
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Titleist Tour Report: Accenture Match Play Championship

Fri, 24 Feb 2006 00:00:00 GMT
Watch this week's Titleist Tour Report from the Accenture Match Play Championship, featuring defending champion David Toms.

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Taylor Made Golf Club: The Metalwoods Phenomenon

By Lee MacRae

Taylor Made golf clubs are into leading the combined driver, iron counts and fairway wood at PGA tournaments. The advancement of the metal wood technology employed by Taylor Made golf clubs make it possible to each player to have a his own club. This metalwood technology created famous clubs in the form of Pittsburgh Persimmon, Tour Preferred, Burner, and Burner Bubble, each is considered a high performance piece of device. With titanium clubheads, Taylor Made clubs are very strong but extremely light to use.

Taylor Made�s metalwood golf clubs boast of the following models with features that surely makes each golf club a hit to golfers:

R7 Fairway Woods is the Taylor Made golf club, which is with Taylor Made Launch Control (TLC) Port. TLC cartridges can be installed and removed to permit users in changing the CG location to vary the degrees of draws and fades that will consequently promote more accuracy and distance.

R5 Titanium Fairway is another Taylor Made golf club that has a titanium clubhead that is very easy to hit. It has permanent TLC cartridges that facilitate the launching of the ball high, long and straight for the players who would rather not change cartridges.

V Steel Fairway Woods claims its having the ultimate combination of power, accuracy and versatility. It is the Taylor Made golf club that attributes its excellence to its V-shaped sole that improves the force of how the sole interacts with the turf at impact.

Rescue Dual is a Taylor Made club that has double TLC ports that are widely spaced for increased forgiveness on incurring mis-hits. It has a new T-shaped sole that is responsible for the increased clubhead stability and decreased drag at impact that in turn promotes better accuracy and distance. With its low center of gravity (CG), it�s a lot easier to launch than a long-iron and this makes shots higher and longer.

Rescue Dual TP, with dual TLC port and Taylor Made�s movable weight technology,is best known to promote the variation of degrees of draw and fade. Further off, it makes for greater forgiveness. The difference between Rescue Dual and Rescue Dual TP is that TP has a higher center of gravity (CG) position that allows a lower, piercing ball flight that many experienced golf players find easier to manipulate.

Rescue Mid is said to be Taylor Made�s breakthrough utility club that is engineered to be easier to use than a long-iron while displaying prowess in providing better distance. This golf club�s excellent performance is from its way of uniting a high flash of inertia with a lower, deeper center of gravity. This creates maximum forgiveness on mishits, high launch angle and high spin for high, long shots that quickly stops.

Rescue Fairway is the Taylor Made golf club that indulges in its having a low profile that is responsible for its low and deep center of gravity (CG). It is made to smooth the progress of hitting the ball high, long and straight. This golf club is crafted with double sole that improves playability from a variety of lies. Taylor Made engineered it to launch a high angle with high spin for long-carrying shots that surely impress each player.

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Hints On Clone Golf Clubs

Golf Clubs

To develop the best possible grip for you. Every golfer swings and grips the club differently. Over 90 percent of golfers use the Vardon or overlapping grip. Players with smaller hands sometimes find the interlocking grip, with the little finger of the right hand interlocked with the index finger of the left hand, works best for them. Players with smaller should use a baseball type grip.
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Bottom Out. Notice how the logo on my shirt has moved closer to the target at impact than it was at address. The bottom of the swing will occur under the logo, making it a must to get it past the ball if you want to make ball-first contact.
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