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Thursday, March 27, 2008
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Sand Trap Tips And Tecniques

By Lee MacRae

Sand play does not have to be life threatening! But that is how many golfers feel when they land a shot into a bunker or sand trap. Follow along as we explain some things you can do to improve in this area of your golf game

Visual imagery is commom in bunker play. Some instructors tell students to imagine that the face of the club is the palm of their hands, which they "slap" under the ball in the hitting zone. We prefer to think of money. A dollar bill is slightly more than six inches long. That means that if the bill is laid under a golf ball, about two inches of the ball would protrude back from the bill. As the ideal "explosion shot" demands that you hit into the sand roughly two inches behind the ball, you should pretend that you're hitting the dollar ball out of the bunker. This is an especially useful image because in order to hit the ball right out of the bunker, you'll need to complete your follow-through, and that's another important element of just about every sand shot.

If you find yourself in a sand bunker position where the ball is above your feet remember: do not simply lean back or attempt your swing on a flatter plane. You need to stand as you would for a normal lie. But now you choke down to the bottom of your grip to counter the change in elevation. With the clubface open , take the club back and outside your target line, now swing through along the line of your open stance. If you let your right hand pass over the left, the slope will send the ball left, so keep your hands quiet as the club cuts through the sand.

One of the most awkward bunker shots calls for you to stand outside the bunker when your ball is inside it. This usually results in unpleasant bending and a loss of balance. The key here is not to bend the back and stretch out to the ball. Concentrat instead on bending the knees as much as possible. Think of weightlifters. You never see them bending over to pick up their weights. They bend their knees, grab the weights, then simply stand up. Their legs are doing the lifting. Your legs, too, should do the bending on these tough bunker shots.

The average golfer usually fears the shot from a sand bunker and is defeated before they even attempt one. With practice, keeping in mind the proper technique and a few tips and hints, sand play will be a lot easier than you imagined. And your golf game will be better for it.

About the author

Lee MacRae runs several online stores where you can find a great indoor putting green or a great golf iron today!

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Long Arms
Soft arms are fast arms, and you don't want them moving independently of the body. Instead, the arms must be thrown out and extended by a proper pivot.
...Golf Tips magazine

Fairway Bunkers
It goes without saying that if every course designer simply produced holes that were straight, then the game would quickly lose a great deal of the challenge that makes it such an enduring pastime for players. Hence the positioning of hazards such as water, fairway and greenside bunkers and trees.
...mastering golf UK

Once the motion in your swing has started, there should be no interruption. It should be a smooth flowing motion from start to finish; not a series of abrupt actions. To teach your muscles the proper feel is to realize that the physical movements of the body determine how one swings the club. This is why a correct grip is extremely important since it's the only contact you have with the club and controls the clubface angle.
...PGA professional golf

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Instantly slash your golf score by creating perfect impact!

Golf Tips To Improve Your Game

by Lee MacRae

Read along as we offer up some great tips to improve your game of golf.

There is always a tendency to uncock the wrists early on the downswing in an effort to unleash a little more energy into the hit. But this action causes the wrists to break, and you're likely either to top your ball, blade it, or snap hook it. You can avoid this by deliberately pulling the club down into the back of your ball with your left hand. Don't worry about smothering the ball. As your weight shifts to your left side and the body opens up, you will find that the club uncocks naturally.

Today's equipment and balls are not tailored necessarily for 7 - 8 degree drivers. That is a thing of the past. Getting the ball up in the air on a good trajectory is the first step to driving the ball longer. Many touring pros regurlaly use 9 and 10 degree drivers and drive the ball 300 plus yards. Plus, you will get much more consistency with a more lofted driver.

When addressing the ball with your driver, you must be loose and relaxed. Do not tighten up over the golf ball. It is important to waggle the club back and forth a few times in order to create some flow to start the golf swing. This action will promote proper rhythm and tempo.

These simple golf driving tips have proved effective in helping many golfers around the world improve their drives off the tee. Simply apply what you have read here to your own circumstances. Here's to your own improvement!

About the author

Lee MacRae runs several online stores where you can find a great weighted golf club or a great clone golf club today!

Let's Talk About Golf

On shots to the green line up to the center of the green. If the ball should fade or draw,you are still on the green. This is a good rule of thumb, however if your highly skilled then hit the shot fading or drawing that your comfortable with as part of your arsenal. Keep the ball in play and avoid the penalties and difficult lies, and positions that will cause you to score those nasty high numbers during your round.
...Golf Week

Be sure to check the location of the ball with clubs aligned on the ground. Step away to check that you are positioning the ball properly. Ask someone to double-check your positioning. It is hard, without alignment tape or clubs, to visually gauge the proper placement of the ball.
...PGA of America

To start with a proven ball position. Moving a golf ball even two inches forward or back in your stance can make a great deal of difference in shot consistency. Start with the ball a couple of inches inside the left heel. After you master this consistent ball position, you can experiment with other ball positions. However, a ball too far to the front of your stance will increase the chances of a slice by encouraging an outside-to-inside swing. A ball too far back in the stance will make it difficult to get the clubface closed by impact and may cause a push or a push slice
...PGA of America

Bottom Out
Notice how the logo on my shirt has moved closer to the target at impact than it was at address. The bottom of the swing will occur under the logo, making it a must to get it past the ball if you want to make ball-first contact.
...Golf Tips magazine

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