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Sunday, June 29, 2008
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By Lee MacRae

Learn How To Swing A Golf Club

Have you been having problems with your golf swing? Are you a beginner just starting out? Or are you a long time player who just can't seem to get it right? No matter who you are, learning how to swing a golf club properly is imperative to playing the game well enough to really enjoy it.

For some beginners, learning how to swing a golf club is not a difficult task. Many people who have played baseball and become accomplished at it, can find it very easy to to transfer a baseball swing down to a golf swing. For others, learning how to swing a standard golf club becomes a seemingly monumental task. There seems to be so much to remember that they become overwhelmed.

Eventually, every golfer begins to understand that there are various components to the golf swing. We have the backswing, the downswing, the shot impact and finally the follow-through. Some people can piece these together very smoothly, while others struggle with each and every bit, struggling to fit them all together. And then there is the added problem of the pre-shot routine. How often have you stood around while your golf partners become human rain delays? They have so many varied ways of approaching a shot that you're sure they're trying to invoke a black magic spell on the ball! Take a look at the PGA golf professionals. Take a look at their pre-shot routines. Brief. And consistent. Once they step up to take the shot, there is very little dalliance before the ball is headed down the fairway. That is the example to follow.

And whether you are just taking up golf, or been playing for some time, you should be aware that you have a tremendous tool to improve your golf swing in your golf game. I'm talking about the videos we can all watch today of golf professionals and how they play. And amazingly we also have on demand videos on the Internet that are absolutely free of great golfers like Tiger Woods, Vijay Singh or John Daly or past greats like Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Sam Snead, Walter Hagan or Gene Sarazen. Imagine being able to sit and watch how golfers, credited with having great golf swings, perform the task. Talk about a golden opportunity to learn.

But simply watching golf videos may not be enough. In fact, for most people there is still the need to be shown the proper way to swing a golf club. Golf lessons are an invaluable tool. Proper instructions will show you how to hold your hands in the proper grip, the proper stance and set up as well as how each and every section of the golf swing should work. Golf videos can then help you to SEE how it all goes together. And if he can't afford golf lessons, or perhaps only one or two, then instruction books can be an invaluable tool. You can read how to perform each and every part of the golf swing and then again used golf videos to see how it all goes together. An example of a great instructional e-book is Gene Littler's "Master The Golf Swing". Littler won 29 PGA Tour events and had an incredibly beautiful swing.

If you do want to improve your game and learn how to swing a golf club properly, you would do well to use the available golf videos and other available help like golf lessons or golfing eBooks. Improving your abilties in the golf swing will do a lot to not only improve your game, but you will enjoy it a whole lot more. So, you can continue to drive your shots every which way and suffer or spend your money wisely and really learn how to swing a golf club properly. The decision is up to you.

About the author

Don't hesitate to buy your copy of Gene Littler's How To Master The Golf Swing.! In this book Gene reveals the golf swing secrets that led to his PGA tour success.

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On shots to the green line up to the center of the green. If the ball should fade or draw,you are still on the green. This is a good rule of thumb, however if your highly skilled then hit the shot fading or drawing that your comfortable with as part of your arsenal. Keep the ball in play and avoid the penalties and difficult lies, and positions that will cause you to score those nasty high numbers during your round.
...Golf Week

Hitting the ground before the ball, or "fat shots" is a very common problem that can lead to injury. This is caused by either coming into the ball too steeply, and/or decelerating the club head as you hit the ball. Proper weight shift is important and keeping your right shoulder back on the downswing (opposite for left handers) is crucial. There is a tendency to throw the right shoulder ahead as you come down creating an outside in steep club path. Focus on swinging more around your body to remedy this. A good drill is to strap your upper arms to your body and hit balls. This makes it impossible to throw the shoulder forward. Don't forget to accelerate through the ball. When you slow down at the bottom of your swing, you will hit it fat every time.
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You can�t fire a gun unless you pull the trigger, right? A similar concept also applies to the golf swing, which also usually requires a �trigger move� to get the body moving. Now, not everyone has a trigger, some manage to swing well from a static position to a dynamic position. But for the rest of us who often find confusion when it comes to where to start the golf swing, a trigger move can help you start swinging in a fluid and consistent manner. news

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Discover How Golfers Use This Simple Golf Swing eBook And Audio Course As Their Secret Training Tool In Their Quest For Lower Scores.

A Golf Training Aid - Work and then Pay

By: Jeff Gustafson

"If you are interested in improving your game, I would highly recommend helping your head as much as you are helping your swing..."

The above was a quote from Rob Mangini, former assistant men's golf coach at Arizona State University in the book "The Mental Keys to Improving Your Golf". In other words, understand and know what works then concentrate on doing the work.

Unfortunately, when it comes to golf usually us regular, recreational golfers don't think beyond "gripping it and ripping it". We don't really want to put in the time. We just want to hit that sucker. Forget the golf training aid.

And yet in all my years of golfing, I haven't met a golfer yet that doesn't want to improve his or her golf game.

Getting better is not going to just happen, especially if you want to be consistent. It requires giving some serious attention to the four fundamentals of golf - mechanical, strategic, physical and mental. Now isn't that interesting. How many of the (4) do you as a golfer have a handle on? I would bet that most average golfers don't even think of (3) of the (4) and, to be honest, their mechanics probably aren't necessarily "all that".

Professional golfers know its work and then pay and that is the very foundation of what Strategy Golf is all about - focusing on doing "the work" the ultimate golf training aid.

Any sport requires practice. But golf requires so much more. It is you and you alone against the golf course, the elements, and your even your own demons. It is you that has to make the shot or sink the putt.

You can't focus on winning; you can't focus on the other players or you open the door to the fear of losing or missing that putt and letting bad shots or mistakes get you angry and that usually leads to something other than the winner's circle.

Putting your attention on your Strategy and not on your competition or the consequences of missing a putt is of ultimate importance in competition. All things being equal, if you play to your game-plan (golf training aid) and focus on what you are doing, and perform at your optimum then the outcome will take care of itself.

Think about what you can do to keep your focus on the YOUR task so that you play your game. Write out a strategy (golf training aid)...stick to a routine...and stay with the game-plan by reviewing and refocusing on each tee.

It is a fact that written goals have a way of coming true. By thinking through your approach and actually taking the time to put it all down on paper seems to cement the plan for good. So write out that strategy - your game-plan of how you intend to play each hole.

Golfers ignore this step in their preparation for a couple of reasons: One, it takes some time and many of us would just as rather "grip it and rip it!". But secondly, too many of us are so used to "resolutions" not coming true that we are not convinced writing anything down is going to work. There is another element to all of this: you have to truly want what you desire to come true. Most New Years resolutions are desires of the moment - weight you want to get off because you feel frumpy after the holiday meals; starting the exercise program that will give you that hard body but you really don't want to put in the time and effort and miss that piece of pie. Unless the desire is in your gut it isn't going to happen.

They key to success here is first wanting it bad enough, then putting in the time to be prepared, and finally writing out a game-plan to keep focused and on task (the perfect golf training aid). The question you have to ask yourself: "Do I want it bad enough to do the work to see the result?"

Article by Jeff Gustafson - Pocket Pro

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Customized Golf Bags

Do you buy a club on how it feels, how it looks, or how it performs? All three ways is what we'd prefer but the most important is how it works for you. Golf clubs are a major investment so try out as many clubs as possible. Go to a golf store and if they have a practice driving net, take a few swings with different manufactured clubs. Or ask your friends if you could borrow theirs to try out. Many manufacturers have "demo days" at golf courses where you can try out their clubs on the driving range. Check out when they may have a demo day in your area. Some stores have a policy where, once you buy clubs, you have a trial period to use them. If you don't like them, you can return them for another kind. Find out if the store will replace them at 100% exchange or a portion of that
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Q-Link and Trion:Z are worthy.
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Keep them clean � The grooves on the club head aren't there for decoration only. They help propel and spin the ball when you hit it. If the grooves are clogged with dirt, it will affect the way the ball spins and flies in the air. Hang a club-cleaning brush to your bag and use it often. It also helps to have a small, damp towel for cleaning the club heads after each swing.
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