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Thursday, June 12, 2008
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Golf Clubs and Golf Wedges

by Gordon Petten

It was during 1980 that the golf clubs started gaining popularity. As more and more people were attracted towards golf clubs, this aspect led to improvements of golf club construction and design. The basic improvements were made in the following aspects. * Making the ball to go straighter and making the golf club to compensate for swing error. This is known as forgiveness in golf terminology. * Enable the golf ball to move further and property of hard hitting of the golf club. This is termed as distance.

The basic principle of the golf is 'hit farther and straighter. Perimeter weighing, designing the golf club with low center of gravity and large sweet spot are the basic criteria of a golf club. Golf clubs which posses the above qualities is termed as game improvement golf club. However, there are only few golf clubs that meets the criteria. After having understood the basic requirements of game improvement golf clubs, let us elaborate about these basic criteria. * Perimeter Weighting: In simple words perimeter weighting indicates that the weight of the golf club is not positioned at the center and the head is positioned around the perimeter of golf club. Small spot is the basic requirement for heating hard the ball at perfect dead center. This small sweet spot allows you to put more physical force on the golf ball impact point. This facilitates you in hitting a longer shot. Perimeter weighting is considered essential for optimum forgiveness attribute of the golf club. * Low Center of Gravity: Popularity of low center gravity golf clubs is on increase in the golfers. Designing golf clubs with concept of low center of gravity enables hitting the golf ball high into the air as the weight is shifted to the club bottom. Golfer who do not have problem in hitting the golf ball high in the air may not give more importance to the property of low center gravity. But for those who have problem in the hitting golf ball high in the air, lower center of gravity plays major role in improving their game. Tungsten golf clubs pay more attention towards low center of gravity as tungsten is considered heavier that steel and tungsten allows golf club to have more weight. * Large Sweet Spot: Usually, the large sweet spot is created with the design of perimeter weighting. This is the important place to make contact with the golf ball. Larger sweet spot is considered to be swing errors increasing. Shifting of perimeter weighting is considered to be the best way to hit the ball high in the air and correcting toe-miss-hits.

Golf Wedges Golf wedges usually comes in different degree lofts. Most preferred degree loft wedges are 46, 52, 56, 60 and 64 degree lofts. Following are the few types of golf wedges. * Gun metal golf wedges: These golf wedges are with 65 degree loft. Gun metal wedges bears sophisticated and sleek look. It gives slippery feel though this will not have any effect on your game. * Designer Wedges: These golf wedges are color coded and colors are suggestive of degree lofts. For example Green (64), Red (60), Blue(56), Yellow (52) and Bronze (46). These golf wedges have proprietary Plasma finish.

Usually, specifications of all golf wedges are identical. You have to choose the right golf wedge that will facilitate you to hit the ball hard and straight.

Golf Clubs and Golf Wedges

Tips About Golf Drivers

To learn how variations of the grip affect ball flight. Experiment with slight variations of your grip. Observe how the changes affect the flight of the ball. A weak grip encourages a slice or fade. A strong grip encourages a hook or a draw. The V.s formed by the index finger and thumbs on both hands should point between the chin and right shoulder.
...PGA of America

A Portable GPS Unit
These impressive devices are reliable and easy to use. Some even allow you to measure your drives.
...Golf Tips magazine

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Tiger-Phil-Adam showdown a big letdown

Thu, 12 Jun 2008 09:20:00 EDT
The United States Open's big showdown turned into one big letdown on Thursday.


Mon, 19 May 2008 00:00:00 GMT
Titleist Ambassador Ryuji Imada Captures First Career PGA TOUR Title in Playoff with Pro V1x Player Kenny Perry.

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Our Latest Golf Article

Your No. 1 Golf Swing - Golf Tips

By Don Halloran

Most golfers have a great golf swing. Unfortunately, that great No. 1 golf swing only occurs when they take a practice swing. There should be some magic solution that we could accomplish getting our great practice swings to be duplicable when we are out on the course hitting the real shots.

Almost all of the professionals have accomplished this and their real swings are as good as the practice swings.

There are several tips that I found useful in getting my real golf swings to be as good as my practice swings:

1- Take a beautiful practice golf swing before you are ready for the real swing and try to duplicate it into your real golf swing.

2- Concentrate on one thing only during your real golf swing rather allowing multiple things to clutter your mind during the real swing.

3- Focus on the target area rather than the ball on the real golf swing.

4- Relax your muscles prior to making your real golf swing.

5- Have someone take a video of your practice golf swing vs. your real golf swing and you might learn something from it.

Remember these golf tips if you want to get your real golf swing to be as good as your practice swing and improve your golf score.

Practice making perfect practice swings and then convert them to your No. 1 real golf swings on your next round of golf.

About The Author

Don Halloran is dedicated to making everyone have a more enjoyable and better golf experience. Don is not a professional golfer but has accumulated many tips through his years of golfing through many lessons and books to share with fellow golfers.
To subscribe to Don's free newsletter For Golf Tips visit
Article Source:

Hints On Golf Putter

Experiment With Golf Balls
Don't just go out and buy the model that that your favorite Tour pro uses. There are tons of outstanding golf ball models available that cost less, last longer and go farther.
...Golf Tips magazine

Sun Mountain Golf Bags

Scotland is often thought of as being the home of golf and has been known to the British Isles for centuries. The game is avidly played there and the oldest golf course in the world is situated at Musselburgh and is known as The Old Links. The Old Links has hosted golf as we have come to know it today since 1672 though earlier versions had also been played and known of in the British Isles as well as other countries of Northern Europe many centuries earlier. It is primarily an upper-class sport but has increased in popularity and become accessible to almost everyone today.
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Today's Golf News

Titleist Tour Report-Bay Hill Invitational

Fri, 17 Mar 2006 00:00:00 GMT
Watch this week's Titleist Tour Report direct from the Bay Hill Invitational featuring Jason Bohn.

US Open 2008 day one photos

Thu, 12 Jun 2008 16:48:03 GMT
Pictures from Torrey Pines as Tiger Woods returns to action

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Today's Golf News

Our Featured Golf Article

Make Your Sick Golf Swing Healthy

By Eugene Benade

Your golf swing plays the most important part in your golf game. Can you play golf if you don�t have an effective golf swing? Many pro golfers comment that you make your money on the green. The reality of the matter is you have to get on the green first or it�s no money for you. If you hit a poor drive or a poor approach shot and are left with a difficult chip or bunker shot no money for you. You must fix your golf swing.

Having a reliable golf swing can give your confidence a huge lift. When you walk out on that first tee and you hit a perfect drive down the centre you immediately look forward to the rest of the day. Fixing your golf swing will undoubtedly help the rest of your game. Your golf swing is the core of your golf game.

So you�ve decided to fix your golf swing. Most of us can�t afford private lessons with a pro but there are many books available to help you with your golf swing or you can just surf the web like you are doing now. Just like technology has advanced at a rapid rate so has golf instruction and techniques to help you with your golf swing and your golf game. You only need to make the first step.

The fact of the matter is if you really want to start enjoying your golf game and impress your friends and family you need to get some sort of instruction to help you with your golf swing. Won�t it be fantastic if you can drop your handicap with five shots or more in just a week? You can if you cure that golf swing. There are many ways you can improve your golf swing that won�t completely ruin your budget.

About The Author

I know this website that�s dedicated to help golfers fix their golf swing, give it a try you might just be surprised, go to Effective golf swing
Article Source:

Tips About Golf Irons

Callaway Golf Irons

Putter face inserts can be made of metal, rubber, ceramic, plastic, glass, wood and more. Do they matter? If they improve your putting, it likely will be because a better feel has increased your confidence. They are designed to provide a softer feel. They also define the area of the sweet spot, and they can help increase heel-toe weighting. They're nice, but you can do just fine without them, too.
Get greater distance on your drives with great Pinnacle golf balls from our store.

Electric Golf Car

Bermudagrass has a very different texture than rye, bluegrass or bent. It grows with a great deal of grain and the blades of grass are "prickly" and more dense. Players with steep swings sometimes get the blade of the club stuck in the ground. This is particularly true with blade irons with thin soles with very little camber. Thicker soles, more camber and bounce are features that make shots from bermudagrass slightly easier for steep swingers.
Carry your golf clubs with distinction with a new Nike golf stand bag!

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Excellence Loves Company

Mon, 13 Mar 2006 00:00:00 GMT
Luke Donald Tops Honda Classic Leaderboard that Features 14 Titleist Players Among the Top 15 Finishers

Correct Your Slice with Help from “Golf Fitness Academy Presented by Titleist”

Fri, 09 Sep 2005 00:00:00 GMT

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Featured Golf Article

If you want a great golf swing then get this Simple Golf Swing eBook

Custom Fitting Golf Clubs

By Lee MacRae

Every golfer's physical capability and swing is distinctive. Many of today's best golf clubs can be custom fit for lie angle, shaft type and length, grip type and size. Custom fitting golf clubs involves several easy measurements and a quick self-assessment of your game. This custom golf club has become more than a fad that even not so professional golfers test its waters.

Custom fitting is the process for tailoring a golf club to suit your personal swing.

Whatever your level, with a custom golf club the aim is to ensure that if you do make a good swing, the club will be square at impact and should produce a straight shot.

Custom Golf Club How To's:

To custom fit your golf clubs, you need to know: your gender (male or female); your height in your stockings or socks; the distance from your wrist (where it bends) to the floor with your shoes off; your age; your handicap or skill level; how fast you swing a golf club; what club you use at the 150 yard marker.

Gender is used to put you into the correct fitting scale for custom golf clubs. The golf industry uses different definitions of "standard length" for men and women.

Your height and the distance in inches from your wrist to the floor are used together to determine the length of a custom golf club that is appropriate for you. The starting point for club length can vary up to 3 �-inch ranging from ladies to men plus 1 �-inch. A tall person with long arms can very easily require shorter clubs than an average height person with short arms. About 80 percent of golfers are standard length.

Your age, handicap (if you happen to have one), self-assessed skill level, estimated golf swing speed and club you use at the 150 yard marker are all combined to determined the custom golf club's shaft flex that is appropriate for you.

Custom fitting can fix your slice. If you slice the ball it means that the toe of the club is leading into the ball which opens the face of the club. That may be down to a swing fault, but it could be because the club is too flat. So as part of the custom fitting process you can make the custom golf club more upright to help with this. This will mean that the toe of the club will be slightly off the ground at address to compensate.

There are different methods of fitting according to custom golf club manufacturers but ultimately they are all trying to improve your game. To begin with simple measurements such as wrist-to-floor, height and hand size are taken and will point you to the right size club and at what angle it should be to the ground. Then you will take a club and hit some balls. One method is to place impact tape on the bottom of the custom golf club and an impact board on the floor.

As you hit the ball the board will leave a mark on the tape showing whether the heel or the toe of the custom golf club is striking the floor first. The resulting mark will show whether the club face needs to be flatter or more upright. Then things get a bit more advanced. Analysis equipment can measure everything from your club speed to the side spin of the ball so that you can get maximum distance from your shot. You can also measure the launch angle of the ball, how much backspin you generate and impact efficiency - all which affect distance. The angle in which the custom golf club approaches the ball and the sidespin of it can help fix your game too.

Rather than bringing down your old clubs, it might be better to start from scratch. It's a big misconception that custom fitting is only for good golfers. Anyone can benefit. That said, if you plan to upgrade a new set of clubs with the same manufacturer they may be able to adjust your old set to become custom golf clubs.

Custom fitting won't cure all your bad shots. Coaching will sort that out. But if you do make a good swing, then the custom golf club will arrive correctly at impact and should produce a straight shot at your target. That alone will save shots during a round.

Lastly, custom fitting is often free of charge. But it is usually on the condition that you buy some clubs once you've been fitted. So it really depends on what your budget is. If you're prepared to buy a new set of clubs it's definitely worth getting fitted.

To find out more just go to custom fit golf clubs

Tips On Golf training Aids

Golf Wedges

Are price and quality directly related in putters? In many cases, very much so. You can spend $400 on a putter, just as you can on a driver. And you'll probably be getting a heck of a putter. But you can also spend $15 and get a heck of a putter - if that's the one the feels right, builds confidence, and helps you get the ball into the hole. Don't think that you must spend lavishly on a putter.
Get greater distance on your drives with great Maxfli golf balls from our online store.

The club is indirectly tied to the shoulders, therefore shoulder movement will determine the direction the club will travel.
...US Open

Lean Left-It�s critical to start and keep your weight toward your front foot during the entire motion of a bunker shot. This encourages the club to sustain its speed through impact, which in turn creates the wave of sand necessary to carry the ball in the air.
Find a great new Callaway golf balls online today

The Tilt
Creating the proper tilt in the shoulders requires two elements: The hips must move closer to the target at the start of the downswing while the head stays slightly back. This drives the left shoulder up and the right side down.
...Golf Tips magazine

More Golf News

Special Report: Equipment

Tue, 14 Mar 2006 00:00:00 GMT
The following Special Report on golf equipment was published in the March, 2006 issue of PGA Magazine. It has been reprinted with permission.

Championship Sunday

Mon, 23 Jan 2006 00:00:00 GMT
Four Winners on Four Major Tours Worldwide Rely on Titleist Golf Balls

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